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Gunnar Resistance Tubing

Unparalleled durability Gunnar sheathed tubing with carabiner are made with a special Nylon sheathing that provides three huge benefits:

  • Built-in stretch limit where the user cannot overstretch the rubber tubing inside.
  • Ultimate protection for the user. If the tubing inside the sheath were to ever become compromised the breakage would be contained by the ultra-durable sheath.
  • Superior product longevity. The sheath protects the inner tubing from the elements that cause rubber to wear out and break over time. No need to replace these year-after-year.
  • 3 Levels of Resistance available for users of all levels. Each resistance level is silicone labeled with color for easy permanent identification. Cords are made with high-quality rubber over-molded handle for superior grip and comfort. On opposite end special design carabiner for the most secure anchoring to any number of anchor points.